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  • Trading ChaosTrading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques
    by Bill Williams, Justine Williams

    Book Description: Published in 1995, the bestselling first edition of Trading Chaos provided readers with the most practical and comprehensive guide for applying chaos theory to the real world of trading and investing. But today, the markets are different than they were even a few years ago. So with fresh research in hand, coauthors Bill Williams and Justine Gregory-Williams have updated their profitable methods and provide new techniques to help you take profits from the markets.

    Trading DimensionsNew Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities
    by Bill Williams

    Book Description: "Bill Williams' pioneering application of chaos theory to the financial markets is leading technical analysis into the twenty-first century and beyond. New Trading Dimensions presents a complete, highly original, and intriguing trading method with clear, detailed illustrations, and challenging practice pages. Bill's wisdom, technical expertise, and skillful teaching style make this a revolutionary must-have new book for stock and commodity traders." —Tom Bierovic, Product Manager for User Education, Omega Research, Inc.

    Economic IndicatorsChaos and Order in the Capital Markets: A New View of Cycles, Prices, and Market Volatility
    by Edgar E. Peters

    Book Description: This edition of a Wiley classic brings Chaos completely up-to-date with timely examples from today's markets and descriptions of the related cutting-edge technologies such as genetic algorithms, wavelets, complexity theory and hot innovations, such as fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence. Contents include: non-linear dynamics, fractals, rescales range (R/S) analysis and a case-by-case analysis of the capital markets using chaos models and updated examples.

    Fractals and Scaling In FinanceFractals and Scaling In Finance
    by R.E. Gomory (Foreword), Benoit B. Mandelbrot, P.H. Cootner, E.F. Fama, W.S. Morris, H.M. Taylor

    Book Description: This is the first book in the Selecta, the collected works of Benoit Mandelbrot. This volume incorporates his original contributions to finance. The chapters consist of much new material prepared for this volume, as well as reprints of his classic papers which are devoted to the roles that discontinuity and related forms of concentration play in finance and economics. Much of this work helps to lay a foundation for evaluating risks in trading strategies.

    Interviews With Top TradersFractal Market Analysis: Applying Chaos Theory to Investment and Economics
    by Edgar E. Peters

    Book Description: By using fractals and rescaled range plus nonlinear dynamic models, Ed Peters explains turbulent market behavior, offers fresh insights into risk and volatility, and demystifies price and market movements. Whatever your trading and investment goals, FRACTAL MARKET ANALYSIS delivers the realistic economic and mathematical structure you need to enhance your asset valuation and portfolio selection strategies.

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