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  • A Beginner's Guide To Day Trading OnlineA Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online
    by Toni Turner

    Book Description: A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online contains all the tools, tips, and secrets you'll need to succeed in the highly profitable world of day trading. You don't nee to be an expert to get started using these step-by-step techniques. Learn to...Trade from Home or from a Day Trading Office -NASDAQ and NYSE strategies -Basic Technical Analysis* Safe, profitable trading tactics Written by an award-winning journalist, youíll find instructions and tips easy-to-follow. Each end-of-chapter quiz reinforces vital topics. And itís interactive-to get going online immediately.

    The Guts and Glory of Day TradingThe Guts and Glory of Day Trading

    Book Description: A collection of twelve true stories of ordinary people, not professional investors, who have made or lost at least one million dollars trading stocks. Shows how to improve trading strategies and avoid making the mistakes they made.

    The Day Trader's Survival GuideThe Day Trader's Survival Guide
    by Christopher A. Farrell

    Book Description: Why does a stock like Juniper move 25 points in a single day white Microsoft never does? Why is Rambus a great stock for day traders, whereas Delland Cisco aren't? Why is the NYSE sometimes an easier market to trade in than NASDAQ, and why are executions usually better? And, last but not least, what do the three out of ten day traders who are consistently making money know that the seven who are losing money don't? These are the types of questions The Day Trader's Survival Guide answers. This book will teach you how to beat Wall Street at its own game. An unwary day trader can get steamrolled by large brokerage firms that have the power to move markets on a whim. The Day Trader's Survival Guide outlines the smartest ways to ride in the wake of "big money" and be profitable.

    Winning In The Future MarketsDay Trade Online
    by Christopher A. Farrell

    Book Description: The explosive growth and low cost of online trading has created a new class of investor who can now make a living buying and selling stocks over the Internet in a way that was once reserved for Wall Street's most powerful brokerage firms and investment banks. While technology has made entering the "major leagues" easy, staying in is not. Before taking to the fast-paced, high-risk playing field, it's absolutely essential that you have a firm grasp of the rules and a solid game plan. Day Trade Online is the play book novice competitors need to become strong contenders. Written by seasoned practitioner Christopher Farrell, it is a one-stop, step-by-step overview of how to make a successful living, whether full- or part-time, trading via the Internet.

    How to Get Started in Electronic Day TradingHow to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading: Everything You Need to Know to Play Wall Street's Hottest Game
    by David S. Nassar

    Book Description: The days of costly broker delays and lousy fills are over! How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading shows you the inside rules and strategies of Electronic Direct Access Trading (E-DAT), the system that lets you use your own personal computer to consistently buy and sell at the best prices the market has to offer. Learn how to open an E-DAT account, take day trading profits from easy-to-spot market inconsistencies, use basic technical analysis to spot momentum and profit opportunities from trends, and more. Spawned by new regulations, electronic breakthroughs, and increasingly savvy traders, E-DAT has become the fastest-growing way to trade. This new book gets you in the action immediately!

    Electronic Day Traders' SecretsElectronic Day Traders' Secrets: Learn From the Best of the Best DayTraders
    by Marc Friedfertig, George West, Jonathan Burton

    Book Description: Today's hottest electronic traders tell others how to get in the game. More than 3 million investors trade electronically today...14 million accounts are predicted by 2002...Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times sing the praises of electronic trading. From the authors of the investing bestseller of 1998 comes Electronic Day Traders' Secrets. Featuring exclusive tales of the e-traders who are setting the curve--and making up to 80,000 a day! They talk about how they started; they tell heart-stopping stories of making a year's salary with the flick of a finger; and they share tips and strategies for making incredible fortunes in this exciting, quick-turn-around market.

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