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  • All About FuturesAll About Futures
    by Thomas A. Macafferty, Russell R. Wasendorf

    Book Description: All About Futures is ideal for those who want to begin trading futures, those who want to brush up on the essentials or those who just want to know what futures trading is all about. With loads of examples and practical strategies, this handy guide gives the potential trader a real feel for futures trading, including the methods that every trader needs to know and understand to become successful.

    Futures TradingStarting Out in Futures Trading
    by Mark Powers

    Book Description: Complete guidance for the new or perspective futures trader. Covers all the essentials: trading plans,choosing a broker, placing orders, price forecasting, hedging, futures options, spreads, technical analysis, commodity groups, et al. Highly recommended.

    Direct Access FuturesDirect Access Futures
    by David I. Silverman

    Book Description: Direct access–the phenomenon that transformed stock trading–is radically changing the futures industry as well. Professionals and individual investors alike need to understand these changes or face being left behind. Let futures expert David Silverman show you how to survive and profit in the uncharted waters of trading futures via direct electronic access–with Direct Access Futures. This comprehensive guide is filled with the latest tips, techniques, and technologies related to trading futures online and shows you how to take advantage of this giant leap in futures trading.

    Winning In The Future MarketsWinning In The Future Markets
    by George Angell

    Book Description: Book which we highly recommend for new traders and veterans alike. Angell reviews basic fundamentals, definitions, and trading strategies and rules. Includes chapter on hedging, chart trading techniques, and other familiar topics. Also included is new material on commodity funds, managed accounts, day-trading, and options on futures.

    Guide to the Futures Markets< A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets
    by Jack D. Schwager

    Book Description: Focusing on price-forecasting in the commodity futures market, this is the most comprehensive examination of fundamental and technical analysis available. Treats both approaches in depth, with forecasting examined in conjunction with practical trading considerations.

    Analysis in Futures TradingCyclic Analysis in Futures Trading: Systems, Methods and Procedures
    by Jake Bernstein

    Book Description: Beginning in the mid '70s and continuing through the early '80s, cyclic and seasonal analysis achieved great popularity among futures traders. Many past concepts have since been abandoned in favor of systems created by advanced programming and research. Yet today's techniques are often sophisticated versions of yesterday's methods.

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